Bronze Sculptures

Here at Thorndale Furnishers we are delighted to offer a fantastic, quality collection of bronze finish animal and figurative pieces.

All pieces are hand-made and sculptured by a group of skilled British artists who care about their subject and whose passion is beautifully captured in each finished article.

Covering most popular subjects; Hares and a fantastic selection of Cat sculptures by Paul Jenkins, this quality collection also includes a wonderful selection of Otters, Dogs, Highland Cattle, Equine, Farmyard and other animal sculptures, manufactured by hand and with great care by skilled craftsmen and women.

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Bronze Sculpture
Dimensions - w21 x h19cm
Bronze Sculpture
Dimensions - w27 x h42cm
Bronze Sculpture
Tom & Fred
Dimensions - h18cm
Bronze Sculpture
Toby and Poppy
Dimensions - h13cm
Bronze Sculpture
Otter Fishing
Dimensions - w33 x h37cm
Bronze Sculpture
Winston Springer Spaniel
Dimensions - w15 x h21cm
Bronze Sculpture
Twos Company
Dimensions - h21cm
Bronze Sculpture
Hannah & Hamish
Dimensions - w23 x h44cm
Bronze Sculpture
Dimensions - w2 x h26cm
Bronze Sculpture
Hercules Hare
Dimensions - w24 x h36cm
Bronze Sculpture
Dimensions - w25 x h30cm
Bronze Sculpture
Delia Duck
Dimensions - w17 x h17cm
Bronze Sculpture
Dimensions - w30 x h19cm
Bronze Sculpture
Donkey and Foal
Dimensions - w23 x h25cm
Bronze Sculpture
Otter Crouching
Dimensions - w15 x h7cm
Bronze Sculpture
Highland Heifers
Dimensions - w24 x h16cm
Bronze Sculpture
Twin Lambs (Medium)
Dimensions - w18 x h9cm
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Burfield Park, South Road, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 3JL
Bronze Sculpture

Delia Duck Dimensions - w17 x h17cm