Boston Ortho King Size Mattress

Boston Ortho King Size Mattress

With its traditional double sided mattress design combining a quality 12.5 gauge spring unit for a supportive firmer feel and generous multi-layer fillings for firmer support, the Boston Ortho mattress holds the promise of a great night’s sleep.


With its generous multi-layer fillings to both sides of its spring unit, the Boston Ortho mattress’s design allows for regular traditional turning for long lasting performance. Featuring attractive micro-quilted damask tops and borders, the Boston Ortho mattress is suitable for use on a wide range of bedsteads and divan bases.

  • Product Sizes

    W: 150cm

    D: 200cm


    Please note: All measurements are approximate but as near to accurate as possible.

  • Range Features & Finishes



    • Hand-made in Great Britain
    • Traditional double sided design
    • Quality 12.5 gauge spring unit for a firmer feel
    • Generous multi-layer fillings for firmer support
    • Firm comfort rating
    • Micro-quilted damask mattress tops and border



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  • Additional Information

    Suitable for use on a wide ranges of bedsteads and divan bases